Application Jukebox HE/FE User Group Thriving!

Another successful Application Jukebox Community Day was held at Kingston University on Thursday 15th September, with attendees present from many UK institutions.

As well as a product roadmap update from Endeavors, which included several change requests suggested by UK Universities, topics of discussion included best practice and a review of packages and recipes held in the Software2 community portal.

One of the requirements of any software deployment tool is the packaging of applications. Software2 are keen reduce this burden, and at a time when shared services are high on the agenda the Application Jukebox Community aids this.

Wherever possible Software2 facilitate the sharing of application packages. Software2's commitment to this is to package, and maintain, any open source applications.

For application packages that cannot be shared (often this is due to licences) recipes are available, providing step by step instructions on how to package the application. As well as greatly reducing the time taken to package it also helps ensure that applications can be packaged correctly the first time.