for Educational Institutions

S2 - for Educational Institutions
  1. Deliver ANY Windows™ application
  2. Improve your student experience
  3. Reduce software license costs
  4. Make better use of resources
  5. Access anywhere, both on & off campus
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forSoftware Vendors

S2 - for Software Vendors
  1. Meet demand, regardless of supply
  2. Instant access to media & keys
  3. Reduce logistics spend
  4. Improved channel reporting
  5. Reduced sales costs
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Latest Customer Testimonials

When we were looking at what we could do across the faculties and central IT’s application delivery, we could see the big win was clearly software management. Many people on the IT team were unhappy with the current software platform and processes, so it seemed the way forward
James Pickett Senior Desktop Analyst, Surrey University
Software2 provided excellent service and support at a critical time. I was most pleased with the time scale to resolve the problem. The expertise demonstrated to resolve the problem was unquestionable.
Garry Mohammed Site Manager, Imperial College London